Remembering to take care of ourselves…

At Breathe Revolution Studio, I honor each person’s journey through the arts with offerings in Breathwork/Massage, Herbal Medicine and Cuong Nhu Martial Arts.

Guest teachers, Shojin Alford and Alicia McQuade, teach yoga regularly at Breathe Revolution Studio.

Wisconsin Historial Fencing Association shares the studio with us.

Be Gentle New Year Yoga Class with Aluka Yoga

Sunday, January 21st & 28th from 5:30-6:30 pm

with Alicia McQuade of Aluka Yoga

My classes are gentle, though can be the challenge you are looking for. I encourage all students to take exactly what they need, and leave all that they don’t. You can expect a slower pace, holding poses for longer lengths of time allowing you the space to breathe into the pose, understand where and what you’re feeling and simply being there with it.

I look forward to the honor of leading you through your practice.

$7-9 donation/person requested per class. ALL donations go towards supporting a friend with cancer.

Hours by appointment only

If the hours available in the online scheduling do not work for your schedule, please contact me, as other times may be available upon request.

Please give me at least 24 hour notice to cancel your appointment so I may get someone on my waiting list in.

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