Alicia McQuade of Aluka Yoga

My name is Alicia McQuade and my yoga journey began somewhere in between graduating high school and a few years later finding myself seeking an outlet to confront emotions I didn’t know what else to do with.

Yoga was not love at first class in my journey. I had to actively try and enjoy it. What I discovered in that process is that my relationship with my mat is always reflective of my relationship with myself. There has yet to be a time where I show up on my mat and am not exactly met with what I’m currently dealing with – good and bad. I find so much magic in that kind of escape, except rather than escaping myself I am diving straight into all of those things I most likely would not have otherwise confronted.

My classes are gentle, though can be the challenge you are looking for. I encourage all students to take exactly what they need, and leave all that they don’t. You can expect a slower pace, holding poses for longer lengths of time allowing you the space to breathe into the pose, understand where and what you’re feeling and simply being there with it.
I look forward to the honor of leading you through your practice.

Shojin Alford of Yoga Studio of Appleton

Shojin Alford has been teaching yoga since 1998. Always seeking fresh and authentic ways to bring the teaching to life. Ordained as a Soto Zen monk, she is a priest in training at Clouds in

Water Zen Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is her aim to help alleviate suffering and connect to joy in motion.

Parnee Frederick of Breathe Revolution

I integrate Allopathic Medicine with Holistic Medicine.  I am an Herbalist, breathing awareness teacher and Cuong Nhu Martial Arts student & teacher.

I have studied Cuong Nhu Martial Arts since 2003, began assistant teaching in 2006 and have been teaching Cuong Nhu since I opened the first and only Cuong Nhu school in Wisconsin in January 2011.

WI Licensed Massage Therapist #10046-146


Volunteer Experience:

I teach martial arts to the Boys & Girls Club kids.

Work Experience: